The Magruder Road Corridor between Montana's Nez Perce Pass and Elk City, Idaho, has re-opened to the public between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily, according to a new release from the Gold Pan Complex firefighters.

The Gold Pan Complex is mainly south of the corridor and is currently listed at about 40,000 acres, with two lightning fires in Steep Creek and near Nick Wynn Mountain. The Nez Peak fire was active and put up plumes of smoke Friday and Saturday.

Though the road has been re-opened for four hours a day, motorists are advised to use caution, watching out for falling snags or trees, rolling rocks and limited visibility from smoke at times. There is also fire traffic on the road.

The forest around the fire is closed to the public. For more information check out

A Type III Incident Management Team has taken over from the Type I team this weekend. There are about 180 people on the fire.