The MAPS Media Institute has a new crop of films and projects that the public will be viewing Saturday May 14 at the Pharaohplex Theater between Hamilton and Corvallis.
This has become an annual event for MAPS, which started as a Corvallis school class and has grown into a separate teaching institute in Hamilton.
The premiere starts at 12 noon, and Peter Rosten, founder of MAPS, said you should arrive early to find a seat at the free presentation.
Rosten, founder of the school for aspiring filmmakers, is excited about the wide variety of presentations this year, which represents the expanding course selection at MAPS.
Rosten said that besides the student-scripted imaginative projects, there are also some documentary style programs and short commercial-style efforts.
The school has taken over a portion of the Westview Family Center in Hamilton and, with a generous grant, has top-of-the-line editing suites. The courses, taught by area professionals including Ian Marquand, Christian Ackerman, Jeremy Sauter, and Luke McLean, run the gamut from scriptwriting to interviewing to production and lighting. There are four main paths - film, film raw, design, and viral video. The next classes will start in September.
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