A 300-foot-long megaload - the last of a scheduled three shipments - passed through Hamilton late Wednesday night.

The plan called for it to be parked Thursday morning south of Missoula at the end of the overnight drive. The route mimics the path of two other oversized shipments headed for Canada. All three have been delayed weeks by winter weather in Oregon and Idaho.

This latest piece of equipment is similar to the first megaload - 19 feet tall, 23 feet wide and weighing over 790,000 pounds. The semis pulling and pushing the load were surrounded by support vehicles.

In the hours before the caravan arrived, linemen moved a traffic light at each of the Hamilton intersections to allow the equipment to pass underneath.

The Omega Morgan crew was headed north from Hamilton before midnight. They can only operate between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. each night.