Last Friday, authorities said that missing Sidney MT math teacher Sherry Arnold was dead, and arrests were being made. But no mention was made of the location of the body and the circumstances of her death.

Monday, at a news conference, Williston, North Dakota, Police Chief Jim Lokken said that she is now "presumed dead." And, indeed, the body has not been recovered.

In fact, they have called on "landowners and landowners only" to look on their properties for a possible gravesite in North Dakota's northwest corner and in the far northeast corner of Montana.

They were asked to look for soil or grasses that appear disturbed - especially in areas with lines of mature or rotted trees.

A major winter storm is expected in Montana this week, making an immediate search even more important.

No details were released about the two Colorado men arrested last week - 47-year-old Lester Vann Waters Jr and 22-year-old Michael Keith Spell. The two are awaiting extradition to Montana under charges of aggravated kidnapping.

Waters was picked up in Williston ND and Spell was grabbed in Rapid City SD.
The 47-year-old teacher was last seen jogging in the Sidney MT area.