The deadline for voters to register for the November 5 municipal election in Missoula is Monday, October 7.

Deputy Missoula County Elections Officer Rebecca Connors said on Tuesday, October 1, that now is the time to update voter information, or to register for the first time.

"If any voters are looking to update their address, had a last name change, or are brand new to Missoula, they should go ahead and submit a voter registration card before that 5 p.m. deadline on October 7," Connors said. "That way we can get them updated, and they'll be able to automatically receive a mail-in ballot for the city election. However, after October 8, the election center at the fairgrounds will be open for late registration, or to get a replacement ballot."

Connors said there is a large number of inactive voters in the city.

"Inactive voters are individuals who did not participate in last November's general election, or their address changed and it came back to us," Connors said. "Right now, there are 13,198 inactive voters within the city limits. We do see a lot of turnover because Missoula is a college town and because there are lots of people who rent, they change addresses more often and don't update their voter registration."

Connors urges anyone who is unsure of their voting status to visit the Montana Secretary of State's website and download the My Voter app.

"It's a great resource," Connors said.

Deputy Missoula County Election Supervisor Rebecca Connors: