When Missoula County Sheriff's deputies encounter a traffic fatality, or a gunshot victim, or any situation where victims and their families need support..the call goes out for C-2, Chaplain Chuck Lee.

Chuck Lee, for 13 years the pastor of Lincoln School Baptist Church, felt the call of God in his heart to help out the sheriff's department several years ago, and as Sheriff Carl Ibsen said Saturday night at a benefit dinner to raise money for Lee's support, 'it took several years for members of the department to trust Chuck..to allow him into our souls'. It is clear from the words spoken by members of the sheriff's department, emergency personnel at St. Patrick Hospital, and officials from Neptune Aviation, that trust has been won, and won completely.

Former deputy Mike Pfau, now  of Neptune Aviation, spoke of how he recommended Chaplain Chuck to his superiors after fatal accidents involving Neptune aircraft. Lee was flown out of state to the crash sites and met with family and co-workers of Neptune pilots and crew members that had lost their lives. Pfau said the reports that came back after Lee's visits were glowing.

According to Sheriff Ibsen, Lee receives a small stipend from the county, but nowhere near what it takes to run a household, so for the second year, public information officer Jason Johnson helped to arrange the benefit dinner, at the 1st Lutheran Church, with food prepared by Sergeant Tony Rio, and raffle prizes donated by local businesses.

The total raised Saturday night was just over $12,000. In fact, Sheriff Ibsen, who won the 50-50 prize, donated his winnings back to Chaplain Lee.

For his part. Lee says he knows God has called him to help the sheriff's department..and 'C-2" is on call 24/7.

Sheriff Carl Ibsen

Chaplain Chuck Lee