I really get a kick out of this photo. It's a golf cart, converted into a pseudo-Zamboni for our Pond Hockey tournament. The folks out at The Ranch Club golf course have been preparing the ice on some of their larger sand traps with the homemade machine, which apparently is working pretty darn well!

We had a scheduling change, by the way. We've moved the weekend into February - February 2nd and 3rd, to be exact. That gives you one more week to get your team together for what should be a lot of fun. If you've ever attended the Pond Hockey event at Seeley Lake, you'll be familiar with the setup. We'll have sessions starting pretty early in the morning and concessions, warming areas and more. So, plan to skate or plan to watch, but plan on being at the Pond Hockey weekend.

Oh, where is the Ranch Club? Easy. You drive west on Mullan Road, about 4 miles past Reserve Street, until you see Ranch Club Road. The address is 8501 Ranch Club Road.