Snow is begging to fall in Missoula County and that means snow plow drivers are hard at work. The Missoula County Office of Public Works has some advice and a few requests that will make their jobs much easier. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst explains.

"Just a reminder to be courtesy to snow plows and drivers slow down and be really patient on the snowy days because they have a priority list of roads that they have to get first," said Pabst. "On moderate snow days they can generally get every road in the county within a 24 hour period, but on heavy snow days, or if equipment is down, then it is going to take them a little bit longer."

According to Pabst, snow plow drivers are requesting that people move their garbage cans out of the roadway as soon as possible and to move their mail box if it is possible to do so.

"Finally, if you got kids that are waiting at a bus stop for school, put on reflective close for them because they are really hard to see for some of these snow plow drivers," Pabst said. "Have the kids stand as far back ass possible until the nus gets there. We want those little guys to be safe."

Pabst says it is not lawful to push your snow into the roadways to be plowed away, so if you have another place to put it that would be greatly appreciated.