Brennan's Wave is no stranger to attention. Nearly every visitor to downtown Missoula stops to watch as kayakers from around the nation hone their skills on Missoula's man-made wave. Now, however, Brennan's Wave is in need of a facelift.

"It's gotten hammered by a couple of long and higher than normal runoffs in the springtime," explains Brennan's Wave non profit spokesman, Trent Baker. "The professionals that helped us build and design the thing believe that water eroded some of the riverbed behind the feature and allowed the structure to break in a couple of places."

Trent Baker:

Although $20,000 was set aside for repairs when Brenanan's Wave was first completed back in 2006, the total bill this time is projected to be $50,000. Baker says the extra $30,000 will be raised "the same way we raised the roughly half a million bucks we needed to build the structure: with private donations from people with businesses in Missoula.

The catch this time, is that the repairs need to be underway within the next three weeks to avoid higher stream-flows in March. According to Baker, building permits for the repair are already being processed as they await funds to complete the repair.

Those who wish to donate to the effort can go into any First Interstate Bank location and ask to make a donation to Brennan's wave.