A Missoula man was stabbed at his home on Tuesday, October 2 after confronting two 17 year-old boys who were allegedly stealing items out of his vehicle.

Sergent Tony Rio with the Missoula county Sheriff's department says the man was taken to Missoula Community Medical Center for treatment of a 3-inch knife wound to to the stomach.  Rio says that the wound was not life threatening.

Both of the accused ran from the scene of the crime and according to Rio, sheriff's deputies "located one of the males near Hawthorn School. The other male was still on foot and we arrested him later at his residence about a half mile away.

Description of events by Sergent Tony Rio:Tony Rio on stabbing incident:

The alleged assailant was already on probation and has been charged with multiple felonies including assault with a weapon, robbery and theft. Both of the young men have been charged with trespassing.

The two young men are currently in the juvenile wing of the Missoula county jail.