So far, I have done everything I can to punch my elk tag this fall. After a couple unsuccessful archery hunting trips. I am looking ahead to the opener of rifle season in Montana. I know that my rifle is sighted in, due to the shot I made on my pronghorn antelope I bagged last weekend. Now all I need to do is pray I get within range of an elk, and I should be able to top off the freezer for the year.

According to Bruce Auchly at

The news for big game this fall in north central Montana is decidedly mixed.

Elk and whitetail deer numbers are solid. However, that’s generally not the case for antelope and mule deer.

For hunters that means numerous opportunities to hunt antlerless elk and whitetails, but lower quotas and fewer antlerless licenses for antelope and mule deer. Also in much of Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4 hunters may take only buck mule deer on their deer A tag.