Starting January 21, tax refunds will once again be available for e-filing. The Department of Revenue and public information officer Mary Ann Dunwell want to remind citizens the perks of filing online:

"We encourage citizens to file electronically because, for one thing, you'll get your refunds faster," Dunwell said. "No matter how you file though, we really appreciate the effort that it takes."

Dunwell also said that electron filing is not only safe and secure, but much more efficient.

"We will begin processing paper returns in the middle of February, and we'll begin processing electronic filing as soon as we have electronic filing up and running which will be next week, Tuesday the 21," Dunwell said. "If you're due a refund, I suggest you file electronically because you'll get your refund in a matter of days as opposed to weeks."

However, if you still prefer to file paper returns, you can find them on the Montana Department of Revenue website.

If you have questions or need help filing your Montana tax returns, call toll free and 866-859-2254, or in Helena at 444-6900.