The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region Two is now free of hoot owl restrictions. Fisheries Manager Pat Saffel explains.

“We are lifting the last of the hoot owl restrictions in Region Two,” said Saffel. “The water temperatures are getting below the criteria for lifting which is three consecutive days less than 70 degrees. This is the last to be lifted because this is typically the warmest in the region. It is not surprising this is the last to be lifted.”

According to Saffel, the low temperatures this summer played a significant role in the hoot owl restrictions.

“I think we had a cooler than expected summer. We had really low flows and it looked like it was going to be a scary year if we didn’t have the snow pack. Had we had those 90 to 100 plus days I think it would have been a lot harder on the fish. I think we scooted by this year, but snow pack would cure it all so lets hope for a good winter.”

Saffel says the restrictions from Flint Creek to the headwaters on the Clark Fork and Silver Bow Creek will be lifted tomorrow.