Gas prices went up yet again over the last week of April, but there may be hope in sight for consumers.

"Prices have continued to slowly inch upward in Montana, which is kind of what we've been seeing nationally," said petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Prices over the last week in Montana went from about $3.33 to $3.35 and rose 1.14 cents per gallon. They rose just a little bit higher than where they stood last year when they were $3.33."

DeHaan says price declines are immanent.

"There is light at the end of the tunnel," DeHaan said. "We we expect prices to peak in the next two to three weeks. In fact, we've already seen some developments that it could be even sooner than that. That would mean gas relief as soon as the beginning of April and that could last for several weeks before prices come to rest."

Right now, the average price of gas in Montana is about 30 cents cheaper than the national average.