With a per capita consumption of about 40.6 gallons a year, the population of Montana comes in 3rd in a recent survey from the Beer Institute.

The state follows New Hampshire in first place and North Dakota in second. A report from 247wallst.com suggests that Montana has fewer restrictions on sales of beer, with Sunday sales and grocery store sales and relatively low taxes.

Montanans will tell you an increase in local breweries have led to a general increase in beer drinking, too. And though there are restrictions on such establishments - serving limits and closing time at 8 p.m. - the craft brews are very popular.

The survey also showed that Montana's general beer drinking has dropped about 2 gallons per capita since 2003. In fact, nationally, beer consumption has been less for the third straight year.

The top beer-drinking states:
1. New Hampshire, 2. North Dakota, 3. Montana, 4. South Dakota, 5. Nevada 6. Wisconsin, 7. Vermont, 8. Texas, 9. Nebraska, 10. Delaware.