A Helena man's one eyed dog ate five $100 bills for lunch, and then returned it.Wayne Klinkel, who works for the Independent Record newspaper in Helena, left his golden retriever in the car while he and his wife went inside a restaurant to lunch this past December.

While they were away, Sundance, who is known for his love of munching paper, got into the car's glove compartment (or cubby hole, as it's known) and ate everything inside, including Wayne's $500 in cash.


Wayne diligently followed his dog for the next few days, retrieving the money laden doo doo from frozen snow. He kept it frozen in a plastic bag outside of his home until one day, he finally gave in and became motivated to pick out what was left of the money. He thawed out the bag in hot, soapy water and picked through the smelly mess. And it paid off.

Sundance's owner actually taped the money together and brought it to the Federal Reserve in Helena but they couldn't help him. That's when he turned to the U.S. Treasury, who he hadn't heard from until the end of September. They actually accepted his crap covered money and reimbursed him with a check for $500. Way to be diligent Wayne!

Next up, the story of how Sundance ate the check. Just kidding. I hope.