I spoke with Missoula Police Detective Sergeant Travis Welsh regarding the complaint filed last week that resulted in a temporary restraining order being filed against Montana Grizzly quarterback Jordan Johnson. Welsh was careful to state that no one has yet been officially charged with a crime, so no official investigation is underway. I am posting an e-mail that Sergeant Welsh sent to media representatives on Tuesday afternoon. My interview with Sergeant Welsh is also attached.

‘The report that was taken last Friday afternoon has notresulted in any charges.  In fact, an

investigation was just initiated and will not be complete until it is complete.  As you are aware, the Missoula Police Department will NOT release or confirm any names of persons involved, or

any details of an alleged crime.  Also, any part of this report will NOT be released until it is complete, and that is not yet the case.  If you wish to know when the report can be released, rather than contact the Missoula Police Department Records Unit, you may inquire with me.’

Johnson did not take part in the first day of spring football drills.