Here are a handful of movies that you might want to rent if you're planning a nice, quiet Valentine's Day evening (since it's a Tuesday this year). They're also good movies any time (for almost every audience).

Of course, our lead photograph takes you back in time to a classic adventure and love story from the 40s. I'm always surprised at how many people still haven't seen "Casablanca."


There's a whole bunch of films that re-do the Romeo and Juliet story in various ways with the same conclusion - the lovers have to die to be reunited. Spoiler alert!

In this collection of celluloid are: "Somewhere In Time," "Titanic," and this one - "Robin and Marian" with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn as the aging Robin Hood and Maid Marian. The rest of the cast is amazing, too.

Speaking of Audrey Hepburn, did you know that Steven Spielberg directed her in her final film? And it's a great Montana film, too. "Always" with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter is terrific. Good love story. John Goodman steals every scene he's in, too.

Teenage romance has never been done better than by the late John Hughes. It's hard to choose among 'em, but I really enjoy the final scenes in "Pretty In Pink."

And, just a generally "love conquers all" film that shows up in more people's film collections than you might guess... A British hit that tells several stories and tackles all the emotions of being in love... It's "Love Actually."

Now, with the cheap entertainment handled, spend a little extra on the food. Enjoy!