It’s that time of year again. The time of year when TV networks reveal their new shows. Most of my favorite shows are on cable, not on network TV. However, there are a few great new shows on network TV this season. I love comedies and have been a huge “Law and Order” and “CSI” fan for years. It should come as no surprise that my favorite new shows are a comedy and two drama, law and mystery shows. Give one or all of these a try. You might find something you just can’t wait a week to watch again.

Cold Justice – This is my favorite of all the new shows. It is on TNT. It is actually a reality show in that it is unscripted. Two professionals in their own fields go to small towns around the United States and help the police departments to solve their hardest cold cases. I love the two professionals in this show. One is a prosecutor from Texas, Kelly Siegler, and the other is a crime scene investigator from Las Vegas, Yolanda McClary. This show is amazing because they are making a difference in peoples’ lives. They are giving hope and closure to families who have suffered for years with the loss of their loved ones. I often find myself teary eyed when I watch this show.

The Michael J. Fox Show – I have to admit that when I watched the first episode, I was a bit unsure. The show makes quite a few jokes about his Parkinson’s disease. I didn’t really know if it was okay to laugh about this or not. I guess they must think that laughter is the best medicine in this case. I do enjoy seeing Michael J. Fox on TV again. I grew up with Family Ties and loved the Back to the Future trilogy. This show is a light hearted comedy about finding a new normal with the father’s disease. You can see this show on NBC.

The Blacklist – This NBC show is like Silence of the Lambs if Hannibal Lecter turned out to be a more or less good guy instead of a serial killer. However, the relationship between the young female FBI agent and the criminal is similar. I like this show because there is always a ton of suspense, and a few unexpected twists. James Spader plays a great criminal, turned somewhat good guy, who is helping the FBI find the worst of the worst criminals out there, and getting his own revenge against them too.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.