Traffikcam, a new anti human trafficking app, has received a large donation to help the development of the app that had nearly seventy thousand downloads in ten days. Principal Molly Hackett of the Exchange Initiative, a social justice organization, is excited about the recent donation.

“In order to help fund this we had a very generous donation from the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph,” Hackett said. “So they offered a $100,000 matching grant. For every dollar donated they are going to match that for us, it was a very generous gift.”

Traffikcam is a new smart phone app that allows citizens to take photos of their hotel rooms and then use them to identify possible locations where sex traffickers are committing crimes.

“We said there really needs to be some sort of clean database to help speed up the rescue process,” Hackett said. “So the idea of this national database was born from requests coming from different sources asking us for help that originally we didn’t know we could provide. So we’re really excited to be part of it to be able to really help.”

Traffikcam is now available to download at the Apple App Store and on Google Play.