It is expected to be one of the big "blockbuster" movies of the year.

For science fiction and action fans (and those who enjoyed the J.J. Abrams "re-launch" of Star Trek a couple of years ago), producers are promising a great plot with lots of action and surprises in the new movie "Star Trek Into Darkness," the second movie with Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk.

We've been keeping track of the trailers that have been released and the dribbles of information that J.J. Abrams and Co. have been leaking.

This latest preview is a dandy.

And, it looks like - once again - as in many of the Star Trek movies, the Enterprise is going to be battered and bruised by the end of the film. The movie hits theaters in the middle of May. And, yes, a 3-D version is included.

Strap in and watch. Thanks to "Ain't It Cool" for alerting us to the new trailer.