The Moon and the planet Venus are 'rubbing shoulders' this week in the early night sky.

Shortly after sundown December 4, the view to the southwest was clear and there they were. They will be closer together December 5th.

December also has an annual meteor shower. The Geminids will be most active on December 13 and 14. Of course, the moon will be bright those nights, so the best time to see the meteors will from moonset to dawn. However, there are some pretty bright meteors in this shower, so you will probably be able see them while the moon is up.

And, Comet Lovejoy is visible in binoculars in the northeastern sky. The comet is between the Big Dipper and the star Arcturus. Follow a line down the handle of the dipper toward the star and you should be able to see the fuzzy comet and its tail. Mornings are best - from 3 a.m. until sunrise.

Temperatures are coldest in early morning, so dress warmly and be careful during these 'below zero' days.