The Observation forest fire, 10 miles southwest of Hamilton, grew to the west in Lost Horse Canyon overnight, due to wind. But the fire was kept to the north side of the Lost Horse Road. Crews are patrolling, mopping up and improving the southeast line and along Lost Horse Road.

The Bitterroot National Forest fire's size is now at 1,244 acres, following mapping from an infrared flight.

A public open house meeting will be at 7 p.m. Friday, July 1, at the Darby Community Clubhouse. The Forest Service FireSmart trailer is at the Hamilton Fire Department's Charlos Heights fire station and will have fire information through the weekend.

Doug Turman's Type 1 Incident Management Team is closely watching the winds that have been developing at the fire north of Lost Horse Canyon. They are expecting "unknown, unpredicted" wind gusts every day.

An indirect fire line is being constructed along Camas Creek Ridge as a contingency on the north end of the perimeter. Hotshot crews are constructing line on the east side of the blaze to stop downhill movement. There are now six helicopters assigned to the forest fire.

The Stage 1 evacuation warning is unchanged from when it first was announced this week for the homes from Lost Horse to Gold Creek Loop. Undersheriff Steve Holton said the officers are also at roadblocks on Lost Horse Road and on Lick Creek Road in the Lake Como area. However, Lake Como remains open for the holiday weekend.