27 year-old Sam Schultz has been all over the world competing in mountain bike races, but his most important trip begins next week when he travels to Europe, and eventually to London for a shot at Olympic gold. Schultz is a Missoula native who attended Hellgate High School but now trains in places as diverse as Tucson, Arizona and San Luis Obispo, California. After all, it’s tough to mountain bike in the cold and snow of a Montana winter.

Schultz is part of a two-man, two-woman USA mountain bike team. He says, because of his race and training schedule, he and his team members won’t be able to take part in the gala opening ceremonies at the London Olympics, but because his event is the very last of the Games, he hopes to attend the closing ceremonies with a medal to add to his trophies. Schultz says he will be riding a newly designed Trek mountain bike in the Olympics.

Missoula Olympian Sam Schultz