Planning an event like the 68th Anniversary of D-Day requires special skills, the kind found in the G-3, or Operations Section of the US Army, Europe.  They’re in charge of the multi-national, multi-service exercise to commemorate the start of the invasion of Normandy.

The American focus will be at Utah and Omaha Beaches, or the so-called American Sector.  Lieutenant Colonel Rob Stecker is the G-3′s lead planner.  We caught-up with him at the final preparation meetings for this year’s activities. 

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hould try to visit the two most important American battlefields of the 19th and 20th centuries – Gettysburg and Normandy.  The commanding views of the open field below Cemetery Ridge and the open beach below the Omaha bluff reveal much about the American Character.

You can find out more about Americans at D-Day, including a schedule of events for this June, here.