As the city of William the Conqueror, CAEN has a long and complex history. In the Second World War, it was a key site of the Battle of Normandy. The city has preserved the memory by erecting a memorial for remembrance and peace.

Opened in 1988, Le Memorial has achieved an international reputation for it’s World War II and D-Day collections.  Olivier Bitsiment has worked at the museum as a guide and builder of international goodwill.  He talks about the permanent exhibits at the museum.

While not as large as some more familiar museums, Le Memorial has great depth and quality of presentation in it’s featured collections.  Many tourism sites recommend at least 4 hours to see, experience, and absorb the museum’s detail.  In addition, the museum offers guided tours to the Normandy beaches, just a short drive from Caen.  You can discover the museum for yourself at Le Memorial Website.


Photo used with permission

© Le Mémorial de Caen / Stéphane Dévé