Gas prices are still climbing and even though Montana prices are still lower than the national average, things don't look rosy in the near future.

"Gas prices have increased just like they have across most of the country,"said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Prices in Montana increased tp about $3.07 a gallon, that's a six cent jump from where they were last week. It's getting tougher and tougher to find prices under $3 a gallon. There appear to be just 20 or so outlets in Montana that have prices under three bucks."

Even though prices in Montana are lower than the rest of the country, the whole rocky mountain region is bracing for a hit.

"The Energy Information Administration comes out with a report every Wednesday that highlights changes in refinery production, supply and demand. According to that report from last Wednesday, it looks like refineries in the Rocky Mountains are slowing down production as they're doing maintenance and that unfortunately leads to higher prices."

Gas in Montana is nearly 28 cents lower than the national average, however, prices in Montana are only 10 cents lower than they were a year ago while the national average price is a full 30 cents lower than it was in February of 2013.