A man claiming to be "Sergent Jackson" from the "warrants division" has been calling Missoula residents this morning, April 14, threatening jail time if they don't pay a court fee for missing jury duty.

"The warrants division is run out of the Missoula county sheriff's office civil division and we have not verified this information," said Missoula County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone. "This is someone posing as someone else, hoping to scam local residents."

Detectives called the fake "Sergent Jackson" back and were advised to purchase a "Green Dot" money pack in the amount of $500 from a local business and call the ‘Warrants Division’ back with the identification number.

Another resident called and told the scammer that they went to get a green dot money pack from a location on Brooks street, however, the scammer didn't even know where Brooks was. The resident then asked the scammer how a Missoula Sergent could do his job without knowing where Brooks Street was, after which the scammer cursed and hung up.

Anyone who receives a similar call is advised to call 911 and report the incident.