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Welcome to our landing spot highlighting the many poems from Flominic, who also is known as Dominic Farrenkopf. His poems will appear here regularly through the year. Weekly you can also find a printed copy at Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton. For many, many other poems check his website.

The Brown
I was fishing alone
out on Lost Horse Bend.
As the sun sank,
I stood holding the tag end.
I’d used lots of flies-
everything off my vest,
except a popping bug,
which now I would test.
I tied it to the leader-
I did it fast,
as I knew the evening light
wouldn’t long last.
Using a double haul
to cast the bug out,
I finally got a hit
by a rising trout.
My fly line zipped out
as he started to run.
His belly flashed
in the last light of the sun.
The fish was huge!
I started reeling him in,
all the time wearing
a fried fish-eating grin.
I played him well
and got ready with my net.
Though it was dark,
a three-pound brown was my bet.
He slipped in my net,
I felt like a rookie.
He was no huge brown
but a five-inch brookie.
I removed the hook
and prepared my tale,
of my sunset landing,
of my brown whale.
I’ll tell it how it happened-
at least in my mind,
it’s a compelling tale
as they will find.
As for the brown trout
absent in my creel,
I’ll say he fell
from a bump of my reel.
I’m in charge of creating
my own glory,
because after all…
this is my fish story!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

Two Scoops
We were walking downtown
shopping in August’s heat,
when we found a store
that offered a cool treat.
They sold hard ice cream,
today’s special was two scoops.
We crowded in the foyer,
one of many groups.
We got to the case,
my husband wanted to taste,
and despite the line,
he approached it with no haste.
“I’m getting two scoops
and I want them to be great.
I’ll try the Coconut Crunch
and the Mango-Date.”
He tried those two
then asked for Chocolate Raspberry.
“That’s quite tasty,
now for Marciano Cherry.”
The crowd was uneasy,
they shifted on their feet.
“I’ll try Bubble Gum Cake.
That’s a little too sweet.”
He tried Monkey Tracks next
and then Caramel Dream,
Watermelon Sherbet
and Peanut Butter Cream.
With forty flavors offered,
we’d be here all day.
The folks in the back
were ready to walk away.
“Please give me a taste spoon
of that Marshmallow Fluff.”
The crowd sighed relief
when he said, “I’ve tried enough.”
“Now, this is probably
going to make you scream,
but just make it two scoops…
of Vanilla ice cream.”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

We have our picnic cooler
so full the lid won’t close.
We squat down behind it
and do a “cool kid” pose.
We spread out our blankets
and sprawl out in the sunshine.
We prop ourselves up
smiling and flashing the “peace sign”.
We run down to the dock,
but before we dive right in,
we squeeze our heads together
and make a “duck face” grin.
The water’s refreshing,
we fold our arms on the dock.
In the water we pose
like we’re mermaids on a rock.
We race back to our blankets
with towels on like capes.
While eating our lunch,
we pose some, while “dangling grapes”.
Just as we’re finishing up
we hear a merry sound-
The ice cream truck!
We buy and get him in the background.
It’s back to the water
and time for some action frames.
The front smiles
the back dives like the Olympic Games.
We rented a paddle board,
but before going out,
we took a group one
with sunglasses up and tongues out.
We pack our things up
and as the sun begins to set,
we gather in front of it
and take the best one yet.
The “selfies” we snap
are more than a photo we take
they’re permanent memories…
of our day at the lake!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

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