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Welcome to our landing spot the many poems from Flominic, who also is known as Dominic Farrenkopf. His poems will appear here regularly through the year. Weekly you can also find a printed copy at Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton. For many, many other poems check his website.

Fever (Steve Fullerton)

For Valentine's Day
Let’s Talk
Expressing your feelings
can be hard when you’re young,
but there’s one thing that speaks
when tied up, is your tongue.
That item looks and tastes
just like colorful chalk,
but gives a voice to lovers
too afraid to talk.
He slides her a pink one,
it simply says: “Be mine.”
She slides a yellow one back
it just reads: “Sounds fine.
She has her eye on him,
and hands a green: “Let’s dance.”
He runs away after handing
a blue: “Fat chance.”
She’s a grade ahead,
but he gives a purple: “Kiss.”
They meet on the playground,
she gives him a white: “Bliss.”
She has a boyfriend,
but he sneaks a red: “You’re cute.”
The boyfriend sends a warning
A blue, one word: “Brute.”
He likes her a lot,
gives a pink: “Love without ends.”
She’s waiting for another,
gives a green: “Just friends.”
She speaks for her friend,
with a yellow: “Can you talk?”
He can’t believe his luck,
sends a pink: “I’m in shock.”
He’s very shy but sends,
a white: “Cute as a bug.”
She’s never been happier,
and sends a blue: “Hug.”
On Valentine’s Day,
relationships stall or start,
with the exchanging of…
a Conversation Heart!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

The country's watching...

It was the day of the big game,
I had food, snacks and beer.
The guys were coming over,
and the underdog we’d cheer.
We watched many football games
for the entire season.
The underdog was “under”
for a pretty good reason.
But despite the disadvantage
the underdog possessed,
most all of America
wanted them to win this quest.
The game started out just fine
and the beer and snacks were great.
After the first quarter
the underdogs were down by eight.
But they were down by twenty-four
by the time halftime came.
So we switched the channel
because the halftime show was lame.
We ended up on a channel
with a bowl game for kits.
All of us guys started laughing,
the beer had numbed our wits.
They had the kittens in a box
that looked like a field.
They swatted a small, toy football
while our laughter pealed.
Before entering the box,
the kittens licked some green leaves.
They wildly charged the ball,
we wiped our eyes on our sleeves.
The ball bounced out of the box,
the kittens all chased after.
The ladies couldn’t control the kits,
nor we, our laughter.
The ladies sweet-talked the kits
but their nerves were on fire.
Now with six tweaked kittens
the outcome was looking dire!
We all looked on laughing,
having forgotten the big game.
And with entertainment like this,
there were none who could blame.
Watching “juiced athletes”
compete in this kitten game’s a trip.
With their performance enhancer of choice…
high-grade cat nip!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

It's contagious …

It was just yesterday
I had to call in to work sick.
Not for me though,
my kid was yellow as a newborn chick.
In addition to being dad,
I’d also play the nurse,
and try to heal my kid
and not make him any worse.
I set him up on the couch
with blankets and a barf bowl.
Keeping him comfortable
and the pan empty was my goal.
I had him nestled in,
so I went to see his teacher.
Not just an educator,
she was a full-time bleacher.
She was wiping a table
that had been used for a craft.
A boy stuck markers up his nose
while the other kids laughed.
He handed off the marker
to a boy who did the same,
who handed it to the next boy
who also played this game.
Over in the corner,
some girls played with a puppet show.
One small girl used her hand
instead of a Kleenex to blow.
She put her hand in a puppet
then swiftly pulled it out.
Another girl wore it
then passed it with a gleeful shout.
At the snack table there was
a plate of crackers and cheese.
A boy reached in for a cracker
and left behind a sneeze.
“Here’s your son’s homework
and the class signed him a get-well card.”
I thanked her and left,
but my body had let down its guard.
I woke up around midnight
and was sicker than a dog.
I was sweat-drenched, cold and clammy
like the beast from the bog.
This prompted a soliloquy
I muttered to myself.
I climbed back in my bed
with my own barf bowl on the shelf.
“It’s easier to catch sickness
than a floundering fish
when your kid goes to school…
in a dark, warm Petri dish!”

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

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