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Welcome to our landing spot the many poems from Flominic, who also is known as Dominic Farrenkopf. His poems will appear here regularly through the year. Weekly you can also find a printed copy at Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton. For many, many other poems check his website.

Fever (Steve Fullerton)

"I must get up..."
I woke up this morning,
to the sound of the snowplow.
I wondered to myself,
“What’s Old Man Winter dealt now?”
I pulled back my covers
and put my feet on the floor,
I couldn’t find my slippers
and shuffled towards the door.
I wrestled with my bath robe,
its sleeve was inside-out.
I caught my toe on the bed post
and let out a shout!
I abandoned my robe
and limped slowly down the hall.
With my bare feet and back
I felt a cold, winter squall.
The back door was ajar,
the snow on the floor had froze.
Though I pushed quite hard,
I couldn’t get the door to close.
I gave up trying
and went for a hot cup of Joe.
The pot was empty-
I forgot to set it, you know.
I turned on KLYQ,
school had been delayed.
I saw kids outside
trudging home, despite progress made.
Speaking of progress,
I had made absolutely none.
I stood in my kitchen
wondering what should be done.
No slippers, cracked toe,
door open, robe being a jerk.
No coffee, sub-zero temps
and I’m scheduled for work.
I mulled all this over
and pondered it in my head,
then did the most logical thing…
I went back to bed!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

"I must work hard..."

In the depths of winter,
the pond is a rink.
Of their own future,
children ponder and think.
She tightens her laces
on her brand-new skates,
and practices for hours
her figure eights.
She imagines herself
dancing on the ice.
Winning a gold medal
would be oh-so-nice.
He carries down his stone
and readies his broom
and practices his sliding
‘til dusk’s dark gloom.
He imagines himself
curling on the ice.
Winning a gold medal
would be oh-so-nice.
She brings her stopwatch
and times herself around.
Practicing all day
is where she can be found.
She imagines herself
racing on the ice.
Winning a gold medal
would be oh-so-nice.
With his hockey stick
he shoots pucks at the net,
and practices passing
each chance he can get.
He imagines himself
playing on the ice.
Winning a gold medal
would be oh-so-nice.
Olympic dreams soar
into the great beyond,
formulated by youth…
on a frozen pond!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

For Valentine's Day
Let’s Talk
Expressing your feelings
can be hard when you’re young,
but there’s one thing that speaks
when tied up, is your tongue.
That item looks and tastes
just like colorful chalk,
but gives a voice to lovers
too afraid to talk.
He slides her a pink one,
it simply says: “Be mine.”
She slides a yellow one back
it just reads: “Sounds fine.
She has her eye on him,
and hands a green: “Let’s dance.”
He runs away after handing
a blue: “Fat chance.”
She’s a grade ahead,
but he gives a purple: “Kiss.”
They meet on the playground,
she gives him a white: “Bliss.”
She has a boyfriend,
but he sneaks a red: “You’re cute.”
The boyfriend sends a warning
A blue, one word: “Brute.”
He likes her a lot,
gives a pink: “Love without ends.”
She’s waiting for another,
gives a green: “Just friends.”
She speaks for her friend,
with a yellow: “Can you talk?”
He can’t believe his luck,
sends a pink: “I’m in shock.”
He’s very shy but sends,
a white: “Cute as a bug.”
She’s never been happier,
and sends a blue: “Hug.”
On Valentine’s Day,
relationships stall or start,
with the exchanging of…
a Conversation Heart!

Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf

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