Today, University of Montana President Royce Engstrom will speak to students and faculty in his annual State of the University speech. According to Paula Short, the new director of communications for the Office of the President, much of Engstrom’s speech will focus on faculty.

"The President's annual State of the University address is an opportunity to do several things," said Short. "It is to welcome faculty back to campus and to talk about some of their recognition and achievements over the previous year. It is to introduce new administrators to the University community. It is to talk about centers of excellence on the campus and things our students and faculty have done and how our programs have achieved high acclaim nationally."

Engstrom will also discuss areas where he’d like to see improvements, including an update on enrollment efforts.

"Things that he would like to see more focus on so customer service and how do we remove barriers for students related to success," Short said. "The President is also going to talk about enrollment and he is going to phrase that I think in the construct of recruitment, retention, and completion. It is really as much about bringing students to campus as it is helping them be successful and navigating their university experience."

The state of the University speech will be broadcast live on MCAT Friday Morning, August 26, at 10:00 A.M. Watch it here.