Mitt Romney knows Chuck.

Charles Schwab, namesake of his own brokerage firm, decided to sponsor a private, fund-raising evening in the Bitterroot for the Republican Presidential candidate.

Schwab has a place at the Bitterroot Stock Farm Club, right across the street from the Daly Mansion, and only a block or two away from the Hamilton Airport, so two and two equals four...and this Wednesday, July 11, the former Massachusetts governor will be in Hamilton on a private campaign stop. The exclusive evening is centered around raising money for Romney's campaign for US Presidency in the November General election. And it's a little more expensive than our usual Bitterroot Valley fundraisers.

The reception for Romney will cost $2,500 per person, and if you also want a photo with candidate,  it's another $2,500.

How about dinner? The price is $25,000 per person for the private affair...and we mean private. The media is not invited and there will be no public campaign event on this visit to Montana.

Daly Mansion Director April Johnson said the mansion will be open for the usual tours Wednesday, but will be closing to the public in mid-afternoon. Of course, that could change with last minute details.

Of course, the Daly Mansion is no stranger to big money deals, being the summer home of historic copper king Marcus Daly.