Wednesday was the wrap-up of the annual two-day Winter Special Olympics at Lost Trail Powder Mountain in the Bitterroot.

Thirty-two years ago, Randy Hodgson and just about everybody else at the landscaping and garden center, Earth and Wood, organized the first such venture for southwestern Montana. Those early efforts, of course, included Gus Johnson and Marla Hennequin.

Besides organizing the events, with the full support of the Lost Trail Ski area and uncountable volunteers through the years, the business has also provided financial support by way of the Hacker Open Golf Tournament, which brings more rank amateurs to a golf course than any other event around here. It fits our definition of a good fund-raiser - you have so much fun, you don't even realize you're donating money.

So, to Randy and all those who've helped through the years, Thanks! And if you haven't ever volunteered for the Special Olympics - get ready for next year.

The Winter Special Olympics is another of those things that make us love the Bitterroot Valley.