Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey has been suspended without pay by the County Commissioners.

The motion passed unanimously at a short meeting Wednesday afternoon. Commissioner Ron Stoltz was not present for the vote.

The commission had asked Stamey to resign last week. No letter of resignation was received, so the commissioners moved to suspend her. She has been on administrative leave with pay since January, when questions arose as to management of the treasurer's office.

The suspension followed the Monday filing of a civil lawsuit by the county against the appointed treasurer for official misconduct. That suit was based on an audit that was accepted by the commissioners last week. That report showed a number of missed payments to the state and over $900,000 in undeposited cash.

Stamey and her lawyer Robert Myers were invited to the Wednesday meeting, but they did not attend. Myers has previously stated in written responses that Stamey will "only answer questions in a setting which complies with her right to due process." They also charge the county commissioners with official misconduct.

The commission will meet next Wednesday, July 2, to discuss the process to fill the vacancy in the treasurer's office.