With 500 ballots yet to be counted, County Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg released the final unofficial results of Tuesday's Primary Election in Ravalli County. The numbers showed Chris Hoffman defeating J.R. Iman for County Commission - District 3, and with no Democratic opponent in the General Election, Hoffman is considered the winner of that county position.

Elsewhere on the Republican ballot and earning their way into the General Election in November, Greg Chilcott defeated Jay Blakslee in Commission District 2, Theresa Manzella beat Scott Ralston for State Representative District 85. On the Democratic ticket, Jim Olson defeated Lee Tickell for State Senate District 44. All other races were unopposed.

The Ravalli County Museum was successful in getting a 1-mill levy for help in operational costs. The Ravalli County Government Review proposals will bring the county commission back to three commissioners, elected for 4-year terms. All county offices will be partisan elections. Hamilton voters decided to keep the current mayor-council form of government.

At the time of this report, election officials had about 500 ballots yet to be counted because of different issues. All in all, Plettenberg said the turnout of registered voters was 48-percent with more absentee ballots cast than those who voted at election day polls. There were 8,100 absentee ballots and 5,550 polling place voters.

Commission District 2 – Greg Chilcott 4,936 – Jay Blakslee 3,226
Commission District 3 - Chris Hoffman 5,873 - J.R. Iman 2,609
State Rep. Dist. 85 – Theresa Manzella 1,391 – Scott Ralston 1,148
Montana Governor – Greg Gianforte 5,440 – Terry Nelson 2,474
U.S. President – Donald Trump 6,067 – Ted Cruz 1,066 – John Kasich 609 – Marco Rubio 277 – Jeb Bush 154 – No Preference 164.
All other races unopposed.

Democratic races:
State Senate 44 – James R. Olsen 895 – Lee Tickell 551
Montana Governor – Steve Bullock 3,501 – Bill McChesney 328
U.S.President – Hillary Clinton 1,795 – Bernie Sanders 2,043 – No preference 106
All other races unopposed.

Countywide- Nonpartisan Issues:
Ravalli County Museum 1-mill levy – In Favor 7,433 – Against 5,044
Govt Review-Commissioners – For three 8,943 – For five 3,566
Govt Review-Commissioners terms – Four years 9,344 - Six years 3,188
Gov Review-county elections – Partisan 7,965 – Non-partisan 4,347

Hamilton Govt Review:
For existing council 602 - For Charter and Manager 492