The Ravalli County Fair Parade is the major parade of the year in Hamilton. And it's easy for you to be part of it.

Of course, you can come and watch at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 29. Better still, be part of the parade itself. There's no charge for entry and you can get together some friends and march in a kazoo band, or get the members of your organization or club to put together a small float. You can pass out information about your latest project or have candy ready for the kids (young and old) along the parade route.

The Ravalli County Fair Parade theme is the same as the Fair - "Summer Days and Western Ways." That gives you a wide "range" (pun intended) of options for the theme of your entry.

Plus, you could win a prize if your entry is one of the top three in a category. But you've got to register and get a number. Visit the Bitterroot Chamber of Commerce Office at 105 East Main in Hamilton, right next to the Safeway parking lot.

If you have questions, call Pat at the Chamber at 363-2400. We'll see you at the fair parade!