The familiar front of the "quad" buildings at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton hide some high tech gear that are considered art in some circles.

This summer, the lab has been partnering with the Ravalli County Museum for a display called "Science in Wonderland."

Phase II of that exhibit starts Thursday evening, July 12, with an opening at 6pm at the museum at the corner of Bedford and South 3rd in Hamilton.

Thursday, there will be hands-on microscope demonstrations looking at miniature creatures in pond water, presented by Ted Hackstadt. Tom Schwan will be explaining how 3-D pictures are made of ticks and fleas. And, of course, their will displays of their work.

Speakers will talk about various art pieces on display from Rocky Mountain Lab scientists and from local Bitterroot Valley artists.

More Thursday evening presentations are planned. For instance,  July 19 will be "From Montana to Timbuktu and Pole to Equator." August 9th will be microscopic views of salmonella bacteria invading human cells.

The special Thursday evening openings at the Ravalli County Museum is also sponsored by the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.