The winners were announced recently in the Ravalli County Museum's Ernst Peterson "Photograph Montana" contest. Best of Show was a confrontation between a bald eagle and a magpie by Barbara Garten.

Those viewing the exhibit voted Greg Dowling's landscape photo "Storm Watch" as Peoples’ Choice.

There were about 350 photos entered in the 21st annual contest that commemorates famed Bitterroot photographer Ernst Peterson. His entire collection is housed at the museum.

Here are the winners. The exhibit is on display for the rest of May:

Best of Show: Barbara Garten
Domestic Animals
1. Barbara Garten
2. Mel Holloway
3. David Smith
1. Mel Holloway
2. Frances Matlock
3. Carla Behrens
1. Greg Dowling
2. John V. Scott
3. Barbara Garten
1. Richard J. Jackson
2. Sarah Monson
3. Richard J. Jackson
1. Deborah Richardson
2. Pamela Hart Schlapman
3. Deborah Richardson
Wild Animals:
1. Barbara Garten
2. Noelle Smith
3. Quinn Kirkland
1. Mario Locatelli
2. Joy Whitehead
3. Thaddeus Red Bird
Younger Student:
1. Sequoia Rhodes
2. Megan Kirkland
3. Megan Kirkland
Older Student:
1. Kailer Scott
2. Kailer Scott
3. Kailer Scott
1. Brian Robinson
2. Devin Leonardi
3. Breanna Mathis
1. Richard J. Jackson
2. Richard J. Jackson
3. Richard J. Jackson
1. Douglas Harkin
2. Bob Hafer
3. John Scott
1. Noelle Smith
2. Richard J. Jackson
3. Richard J. Jackson
1. Torrey Voigt
2. Torrey Voigt
3. Merle Ann Loman