A dozen projects have received funding from the Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC).

The local committee will spend about $200,000 for the projects that must meet certain specifications and improve federal lands, with half of all funds used to restore streams and watersheds. The national network of RACs were created by the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act in 2000. Since 2001, the Ravalli County RAC has approved almost $2 million in projects.

This year, the funds go to:

  • 1. New wood deck on the Lake Como footbridge - $1,640
  • 2. Fish habitat work in upper West Fork - $3,600
  • 3. Vault toilet ventpipe screens - Bitterroot National Forest - $6,000
  • 4. Coordinate Bio-control program of Ravalli Co. Weed District - 8,960
  • 5. Mill Creek bridge replacement (photo)-MT Conservation Corps-$9,000
  • 6. Wildlife habitat planting enhancement-BR Natl Forest - $10,500
  • 7. Boulder Creek Horse Camp - $12,000
  • 8. Little Blue Joint Creek Culvert Replacement - $15,000
  • 9. Eastside Dalmation Toadflax project - Part One - $15,300
  • 10. St Mary's Peak Lookout Stewardship - $20,743
  • 11. Corvallis High School 'Classroom without Walls' - $32,650
  • 12. Maintenance of BR canyon trails - MT Conservation Corps-$63,000
  • The local committee reviewed 17 projects and is working a number of different organizations besides the Bitterroot National Forest - Bitter Root Irrigation District, Ravalli County Weed District, Montana Conservation Corps, Bitter Root Back Country Horsemen, Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation and Corvallis High School.

    The RAC, composed of people from a wide range of interests in the valley, will be looking for more projects to fund next year.

    More information on the projects is available at the Stevensville Ranger District on Main Street in Stevensville.