The election turn-out was overwhelming in Ravalli County. About 78 percent of the registered voters cast ballots, both at Tuesday's polls and in a huge pre-Tuesday absentee vote.

Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg said there were over 10,000 absentee ballots returned. Voting at the polls Tuesday was steady throughout the valley.

We have the nearly complete results from Tuesday's voting from almost all the precincts. However, election officials still have hundreds of absentee ballots to count. A high-speed ballot-counting machine was stuck on low speed during much of the night and into the morning, with a technician trying to determine the problem.
Meanwhile, slow-speed ballot counting machines are plowing through the ballots.

The latest figures, as of 6:00 a.m.:

State Senate District 45
Fred Thomas (Rep) 4,941
Dan Metully (Dem) 2,645
Rob McCoy (Lib) 656

State House District 87
Jan Wisniewski (Dem) 1,100
Pat Connell (Rep) 3131
Karen Fisher (Lib) 363

State House District 88
Pam Erickson (Dem) 1478
Ron Ehli (Rep) 2340
Stephen Rodriguez (Lib) 167

State House District 89
Nancy Ballance (Rep) 3217
Peggy Steffes (Dem) 1445
Andy Elwell (Lib) 321

State House District 90
Edward Greef (Rep) 2143
Toby Martin (Lib) 764

County Offices

Ravalli County Commission District 2
Greg Chilcott (Rep) 10,481
David Smith (Dem) 6,213

Ravalli County Commission District 3
J.R. Iman (unopposed) 12,820

Ravalli County Commission District 4
Jeff Burrows (Rep) 8,933
John Ormiston (Dem) 5,900
Nancy Joy Valk (Ind) 1,763

Clerk of District Court
Page Allen Trautwein (Rep) 13,558

Marie Keeton (Rep) 13,356

We will update this when we get the rest of the Absentee votes.