The November municipal elections in Montana include quite a few matchups in Ravalli County. The deadline for filing for the non-partisan races was Monday, June 19.

The county Election Office released the final list of candidates for Hamilton, Stevensville and Darby city offices.

Mayor - Travis Martinez, Dominic Farrenkopf
Council Ward 1 - Kristi Bielski, Eric Monson
Council Ward 2 - Rod Pogachar (unopposed)
Council Ward 3 - Kenneth S. Bell, Claire Kemp

Mayor - Brandon E. Dewey, James V. (Jim) Crews, Mark Adams
Council Ward 1 - Robin Holcomb, Laura Miller
Council Ward 2 - Raymond Smith, Jerry A. Phillips

Mayor - Willard A. "Buck" Titus, J.C. McDowell
Council Ward 1 - George M. Cuff (unopposed)
Council Ward 2 - (Full term) George Costello (Unopposed
(Unexpired Term) Jasen D. Lewis, Bred Rider
Council At Large - Pamela J. Hart-Schlapman, Bill DeSpain
(Gordon MCKinney withdrew 6/19)