It has only been one week into registration and already 165 Montanans have signed up to compete for the 2014 elections.

Nearly all of those sign-ups are for state legislative seats, where 90 republicans and 63 democrats have decided to register.

Registration is only open for a few months, so interested parties need to make their decision soon.

"Well, it's really very simple," said Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch. "They can come into our office and fill out a form... a very easy form. They can file online, they can file by mail, or they can file by fax. We make it as convenient as possible and it's barely a one page form."

Candidates should be aware that a filing fee is required.

"For state legislature, for house and senate, it's been $15 since 1934," McCulloch said. "For all the other statewide and judges and the federal offices its 1% of the salary. For instance, United States Senator it's $1,740, for Supreme Court Justice it's $1,249, and for Public Service Commissioner it's $979."

For those that want to compete in the 2014 elections, the time to register is now. Registration opened one week ago and will close at 5 p.m. on March 10.