Smoke coming into the Bitterroot Valley in the afternoons is from the Moose wilderness fire in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. A satellite map showed increased burning activity in the western and northern edges of the fire Friday.

The Moose fire is about eight miles from the Bitterroot National Forest, on the Nez Perce-Clearwater Forests and is being monitored by fire officials.

Meanwhile, the crews on the Roaring Lion fire south of Hamilton have been repairing areas where fire lines were dug to help stop that fire. Teams began work on the north end of the fire, seeding and water-barring where necessary.

There are patrols on the southeast and eastern edges of the fires, looking for single trees, stumps and roots that are still burning. Those trees are being cut down.

Lookouts are still monitoring the Camas Creek area and aircraft are still dropping water and retardant on hot spots.

The fire size is 8,533 acres and 67 people are assigned to the Roaring Lion Fire. All trail and road closures are still in effect.