The Roaring Lion Fire is still burning near Hamilton and yesterday afternoon crews were gearing up for strong winds. Fire information officer Lisa Keibler explains

"Right now we have a mild wind," said Keibler. "It is supposed to be pushing out fire towards the east and the south ... around the Camas Creek and the Ward Bowl area. In response to that we have been strategically placing our people closer to that perimeter on the south side so they can catch anything that gets going."

Keibler says the fire is behaving exactly like fire managers expected, but that it has not been decreasing in size.

"It is definitely not decreasing," Keibler said. "We had a little bit of acreage jump. Just 154 acres in the last couple days. Most of it is internal, but there has been some increase around the Ward Bowl area. Basically the fire is just eating the fuel in the general area and turning back into itself up there, and then there was also a small increase of the Sawtooth Canyon area."

The Roaring Lion Fire is being held at about 70 percent containment.