The Community Liaison Group of the Rocky Mountain Laboratories will meet with the public Monday evening, October 1, at the Golden Age Club in Hamilton.

The club building is at 717 South 5th Street, adjacent to the RML campus.

The agenda includes:

  • Discussion of the "Science and the Arts" collaboration between RML, the Ravalli County Museum and local schools and artists.
  • The status of construction projects and improvements at the campus
  • A recap of a recent conference that involved Brazilian and U.S. scientists.
  • The liaison group includes representatives from local government, education, business, medical and emergency services, along with community and civic groups. The group began meeting during what became a major expansion of the laboratories in 2002.

    The Rocky Mountain Laboratories, initially created to study Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, now has a Level 4 study facility and is a component of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, based in Bethesda, MD.