It's not visible unless you walk up to the Bitterroot Chamber of Commerce front door.

And there it is, on the porch of the building next to the Hamilton Safeway parking lot - the Santa Mailbox!

Now, there are lots of ways to connect with the Jolly Old Elf. He even does e-mail and such. But there's nothing like a handwritten letter to Santa Claus. That is something that will never go out of style - and Santa is kinda old-fashioned, anyway. I mean, who else still uses reindeer to get around? I know they're incredibly fast, but where's the cup holder and the seat heater?

Anyway, the Santa Mailbox in Hamilton is special because if you drop a letter in the slot in the next few days, you are going to get a written response! That's ONLY if you use your first and last name and put a return address on it.

So, kids (and parents), take advantage of these old-fashioned things to create some lasting memories of the holiday.

It's there 24 hours a day, so you can sneak your letter in during the long nights, too!

Thanks, Bitterroot Chamber of Commerce... and Santa!