The Stage 2 Evacuations have been relaxed for about half of the evacuees affected by the Sawtooth Fire west of Hamilton.

The fire is 4,500 acres in size and is 20 percent contained. That, of course, means the fire is 80 percent NOT contained and is still a hazardous situation. Those who have moved back into their homes are still at Stage 1 Evacuation, which means they need to be able to move out again at a moment's notice if need be.

And, of course, there are many areas still evacuated. Those are:

  • west of the Roaring Lion and Westside Road intersection
  • west of the Owings Creek Road and Owings Loop intersection
  • west of the bus turnaround on Wyant Lane
  • Orion Belt Way
  • Two Horse Lane
  • Law enforcement will maintain patrols to protect the evacuated properties.

    The fire managers are reporting that the fire has reached near the top of a ridge behind Goat Mountain, between Sawtooth and Roaring Lion canyons on the south end of the Sawtooth perimeter, and there are troublesome hot spots on the north end, too.

    If you don't live in the affected area around the Sawtooth Fire, stay away. There's plenty of fire traffic on the roads. Don't enter the fire area. There are hazardous burned trees and trees where the roots have burned, along with rolling rocks and still active fire.

    Management of the fire will be turned over to a new team Friday morning, Greg Poncin's Type 1 team will be taking over from the excellent Type 2 Northern Rockies IMT at 6 a.m. The fire information trailer is also open in the afternoons at the intersection of US 93 and Roaring Lion Road.