The "rest of the story" about bacteria will be the topic of Dr Martin Blaser's free public lecture Friday evening in Hamilton. The title - "While our babies sleep and dream, their microbiomes work and scheme."

Dr. Blaser is among a group of about 200 scientists who are focusing on the "microbiome" of the human body and how bacteria can be beneficial. For instance, according to the doctor in a Rocky Mountain Labs news release, his research suggests that presence of absence of certain bacteria could affect appetite and eating bevahior, while the group has also seen influence of bacteria on the chronic skin condition psoriasis.

Dr. Blaser said. "I am eager to explain to residents of the Bitterroot Valley where this new field of discovery is taking us and how it will one day affect them and their children."

Dr. Marshall Bloom, M.D., an associate director at RML, said, "This field of work could change the way our next generation of scientists think about and treat disease."

The presentation is courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Laboratories and their community outreach series of talks. The lecture will start at 3 p.m. May 3 at the HHS Performing Arts Center in Hamilton.