Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch announced this week that she has certified the 2014 Primary Election results.

"It went great," McCulloch said. "We had a very smooth election and I've certified the 2014 primary election results and confirmed the accuracy of the vote count."

McCulloch said that counties were chosen at random to undergo a more intensive canvassing process, to ensure the computers had done their jobs correctly.

"Representative from the state superintendents office, the attorney general, and the state auditor, and then I serve as the secretary to that board," McCulloch said. "We have them come in, and we kind of have a long system, but we roll the dice to figure out what races county we have to hand count and show and prove that the machines are right."

Now, all eyes are on the next big election, which is November fourth. McCulloch advises all Montanans to make sure they are registered to vote by going to their “My Voter Page” on the Secretary of State’s website or via the smart phone app.