29 year-old Jared Fruend, the man accused of sexually assaulting two young girls, ages 4 and 5 on September 29th, has been sent to the Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs for a psychological evaluation.

According to the charging documents filed on October 1st, police responded to a Missoula home to investigate a report of a sexual assault committed against two girls, ages 4 and 5.

Officers interviewed the parents who reported that they had left their children in the care of Jared Freund, who was a friend of the family, for a brief time while they had to be away from home.

The parents told authorities they returned home unexpectedly after only being gone for approximately 15 minutes. They expected to find Freund in the garage drinking beer where they had left him.

The parents located Freund in bed with one of the girls who was undressed. The girls' mother asked them what had happened, and both girls reported that Freund had touched them inappropriately. The girls also told their mother that Freund had done so on previous occasions.

After speaking to the girls, the parents went to confront Freund, but he had fled from the house. He was chased down and apprehended by two neighbors until he was taken into custody by law enforcement. He showed no reaction when told why he was being arrested, and subsequently confessed to touching both girls' genitals, and to having done so on a prior occasion.

During an appearance in District Court Thursday morning, Freund was ordered to the Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs for a psychological evaluation.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Cathleen Sohlberg says the reason why a suspect is sent to Warm Springs is that there is a question as to whether they are psychologically capable of assisting in their own defense. Often, a local professional examines the suspect, and makes a recommendation to the court that he be sent for evaluation.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Cathleen Solhberg