This photo from Lolo Pass is a good indication of what you will find on many of the mountain passes in Montana and Idaho for the rest of the winter season.

Those pass cameras, which you can view any time on-line, really help in planning any trips around Montana or Idaho. And, when I see lots of snow up there, it is always that final reminder to get my snow tires mounted.

I am always surprised with how fast winter arrives after Halloween. And, as I talked to others this past weekend at the first large-scale Christmas bazaar at the Daly Mansion, they're feeling like they're already late in planning for the holidays.

This weekend's storm brought snow to the mountains and not in the Bitterroot Valley, making the hunters happy. The Old Farmers Almanac says that the valley should get a bunch of snow this winter. Of course, the National Weather Service says that with no strong development of El Nino or La Nina in the Pacific Ocean, they aren't so sure about that.

My tried and true method is to NOT try to predict the long-range weather. Of course, if the wooly bear caterpillar has a narrow mid-band of color, look out!